Our Whisky List


ARDBEG 10YO 46%  £4.10
Big, pungent peaty nose, burnt wood and marine flavours. Powerful

ARDBEG 1977 46%  £5.25
Pungent seaweed and tar nose with flavours of peat, spice and smoke on the palate. Dry and salty with vanilla on the finish. Intense and rare.

BOWMORE 12YO 40%  £4.10
Light and peaty with hints of iodine on the nose and a smooth, refined and peaty palate.

BRUICHLADDICH 20YO 40%  £4.95  – 12yo  £5.35
The highest scoring Malt in last year’s Scottish Field tasting. Intriguing and complex. A wonderful after-dinner whisky.

BUNNAHABHAIN 12YO 40%  £4.10
Isolated and most Northerly distillery on the island. Distinctive flowery nose, smooth, soft heathery flavour. A very approachable Islay.

CAOL ILA 12YO 40%  £4.10     CAOL ILA 1997
Pungent, peaty nose with elements of the sea in evidence, although quite rich and fruity on the palate.

LAGAVULIN 16YO 43%   £4.85
Distinctive, full, peaty nose with a beautifully smooth, complex and smoky flavour. Top class.

LAGAVULIN 1986 Distiller’s Edition 43%  £4.85
Finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks, this has a dramatic combination of rich fruity sweetness with smoky, seaweedy overtones and a penetrating, long finish.

LAPHROAIG 10YO 40%  £4.10
Has the reputation as the most characterful Malt of all – peaty, with a smoky, heathery nose and a very peaty, iodine-like flavour.

LAPHROAIG 10YO 57% Cask Strength  £4.85
Big, peaty, medicinal nose and a rich, chewy, intense flavour of peat with seashore notes. A real experience !


ISLE OF JURA 10YO 40%  £4.10
Delicate, dry nose, pleasant smoky flavour and a smooth, oily texture.

ISLE OF JURA 16YO 40%  £4.85
The big brother is much more intense with a fresh herb and cereal character on the nose and a fruity dry palate.


HIGHLAND PARK 12YO 40%  £4.10
Scotland’s most Northerly distillery. Pleasant, honeyed peaty nose with a dry, distinguished sherry flavour. Delicately smoky.

HIGHLAND PARK 18YO 43%  £4.85
Perfumed, pine-forest honeyed nose. Creamy smooth palate with intense but delicate heather, sherry and treacle flavours. Long smoky finish.

SCAPA 1989  40%  £4.10
More ‘wind-blown’ than its neighbour with a spicy cloves and cardamom nose and a spicy, almost sweet finish.


TALISKER 10YO 45.8%  £4.75
Pungently peaty and spicy with a delicately smoky palate and a smooth sweetish finish.


ABELOUR A’BUNADH 59.9%  £4.80
Full, honeyed nose. Sweet and soft despite the strength with a powerful sweet lingering finish. Intense and interesting.

The whisky is aged in Bourbon oak and finished in Sherry cask – hence the name. Full, nutty nose with a sweetish, nutty and delicate character.

BENROMACH 15YO 40%  £4.10
Owned by Gordon & MacPhail since 1992. Good fruity nose, sweetish on the palate with chunky peaty flavours. Smooth.

CRAGGANMORE Distiller’s Edition 1985 40%  £4.75
Peaty, rich and woody on the nose, full bodied with a creaminess to the texture.

GLENDRONACH 15YO 40%  £4.10
Full, oaky, nutty with a rich smooth toasted flavour combining sherry, figs and oak with a lovely Christmas cake finish.

GLENFARCLAS 21 YO 43%  £5.00
Rich vanilla, oaky nose that is also delicately smoky. Rich apricots and malt palate with a long rich fruit finish.

GLENFIDDICH Havana Reserve 21YO 40%  £5.00
Fruity, figs and Christmas cake on the nose with ripe fruit on the palate. A very definite ‘Cuban’ influence – it is banned in America. Rich and delightful.

THE GLENLIVET Archive 21YO 43%  £5.75
Typical floral, sweet nose with a lovely walnuts and spice palate and a beautiful rich fruity finish.

GLENROTHES 1989 43%  £4.50
Sweet, nutty nose with a soft sweetish palate. Rounded and delicate peaty flavours. Smooth.

LONGMORN 15YO 45%  £4.25
This is a rich, fruity Malt with a lovely, gentle toffee sweetness and smokiness. Elegant citrus and spice finish.

MACALLAN 10YO 40%  £4.10
Often called the ‘Rolls Royce’ of Malts, Macallan championed the use of Sherry cask ageing. Rich, smooth, nutty and sweet.

MACALLAN 1975 Speymalt 40%  £5.75
Raised and bottled by Gordon & MacPhail this is quintessential Macallan – fruity with subtle sherry and toffee notes and a rich, silky finish. Absolutely ‘deluxe’.

MACALLAN 1861 REPLICA 42.7%  £7.95
Both the bottle and the whisky have been modeled on a rare example of the Macallan from 1861. Subtle nose of dried fruits and spice, lightly smoked oak with hints of toffee on the palate with a lingering sweet finish. Fascinating and complex.

MORTLACH 16YO 43%  £4.85
Distinctively deep, toffee-nutty and peaty nose with a full, rich fruity flavour and touches of vanilla and oak.

TAMDHU 40%  £4.10
Fruity, floral nose and a medium-sweet, biscuity flavour.

TAMNAVULIN 12YO 40%  £4.10
The only distillery actually on the Livet river. Nutty, sweetish, oaky character. Full bodied with a peaty finish.


ARDMORE 1987 40%  £4.10
Quite smoky and peaty on the nose with a lovely fruity palate. The finish is peaty with a touch of spice. Thought to be one of Scotland’s best kept secrets.

BLAIR ATHOL 12YO 43%  £4.25
A local distillery in Pitlochry. Pale colour, nutty, smoky nose, full bodied and spicy with a sweet, smoky finish.

CLYNELISH 14YO 43%  £4.85
Rich citrus, fruity nose with a smoky, quite sweet and complex palate. Interesting

DALMORE 12YO 40%  £4.10
Not far North on the A9. Sweet, oaky, fruity nose with a rounded, quite sweet and elegant palate.

DALWHINNIE 15YO 43%  £4.60
Aromatic, sweetish nose, honeyed on the palate with a nice richness. Delightful.

EDRADOUR 10YO 40%  £4.80
Scotland’s smallest and prettiest distillery just east of Pitlochry. It has a fruity aroma and a good malty, creamy flavour.

GLENGOYNE 17YO 43%  £4.80
The nose is rich, sweet and oaky which follows through on the palate beautifully. Smooth and honeyed.

GLENGOYNE 21YO 43%  £5.25
Rich, nutty, unctuous toffee-like nose with a medium sweet, rich palate. Velvety smooth long finish. Excellent.

GLENMORANGIE 10YO 40%  £4.10
Small but justly popular distillery. Gentle, floral nose, slightly smoky with a subtle touch of peatiness on the palate.

GLENMORANGIE 12YO Port Wood 43%  £4.60
The port wood finish gives the nose a rich raisiny, toffee character and a lightly spicy round palate. Lovely, subtly fruity and rich finish.

GLENMORANGIE 12YO Madeira Wood 43%  £4.60
Quite a full nose but more delicate than the Port Wood. Sweeter and richer on the palate with a vanilla finish.

GLENMORANGIE 18YO 43%  £5.25
Lovely fresh, nutty nose with a smooth, nutty palate. Rich unctuous texture. Full-bodied and creamy.

GLENMORANGIE 1981 Sauternes Wood 46%  £8.50
A 2 year finishing in Premier Grand Cru Sauternes barrels has created a super-deluxe expression of Glenmorangie. Soft fruits and vanilla on the nose broadens out to a fruitcake palate with a delicious long sweet finish.

GLENTURRET 12YO 40%  £4.10
Oaky, vanilla nose which follows through onto the palate. Full-bodied and smooth with a sherry cask finish.

LEDAIG 1979 43%  £5.00
An independent bottling from the Tobermory distillery on Mull. Rich, smoky, Christmas cake character. Rich and distinctive.

OBAN Distiller’s Edition 1984 43%  £5.00
Sweet, rich heathery nose. The Montilla Fino cask finish adds a richness along with lightly salty sea flavours. Characterful.

OLD PULTENEY 18YO 58.8%  £5.25
The most Northern distillery on the UK mainland has a lovely golden colour with vanilla, walnuts and raisins on the nose. Unctuous on the palate with a sweet, spicy finish.


GLENKINCHIE Distiller’s Edition 1986 40%  £4.50
Finished in Amontillado Sherry casks this peaty whisky has a smooth malty flavour that has a rich smoky finish.